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me stretches before us in the constant panorama of more days and months and years to

I took a trip to Shanghai with my mother during the seven-day holiday.It took us more than two hours to drive to Shanghai from my home in Haimen.We stayed in a large hotel on the eighth floor. On the first day,I just stayed in ...

自己挑 上海地处江海交汇的长江三角洲东部,位于东亚季风盛行的北亚热带地区, 属于北亚热带季风气候。 上海受冬夏季风进退的影响,常年11月至翌年2月盛行冬季西北风,气候寒冷干燥,4~8月盛行夏季东南风, 暖热湿润,但7、8 月间在西北太平洋...


are still waiting to see what exactly the AIIB will be doing,


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