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感谢是一种温暖的情感,象一条缓缓流淌的小溪,轻轻吟唱着,在心与心之间传递着人世间最纯最美的讯息。 我最最感谢的是我的父母。是他们用博大的胸怀与深沉的爱包容了我的一切优点与缺点,慷慨地送给我一个属于我自己的空间,让我伸展开双臂,拥...

This is part of my job, so I would have a talk like this, hope that helps. Good morning, ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Beijing.如果是年纪轻的就换随和的。 Ni Hao, everyone, welcom

On Building a Chemical Works Most students of out, school, includingme, think it is wrong to build a chemical works near our school. Although the works will make a lot of money for our city, we do think it will do us more harm ...

People nowadays work for money or the social status? Nowadays many people ask each other a question that what you work for,money or social status? Different people might have different answers,for sure. But I think in the curre...


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